Robert Postma

My journey to being a photographer started a long time ago as a child.

There were many days spent wandering through the forests of Ontario with my family searching out anything that moved. I remember vividly tipping over logs and finding salamanders, holding them in my hands, watching how they moved and being amazed by it all. Or the nights spent sitting in the garage watching a thunderstorm roll across the corn fields in front of the house after my mom would wake me and my brothers up. To this day, thunderstorms remain my favorite natural event to photograph. There is a certain stillness in the air that precedes a storm, an anticipation that hits me deeply. It is rejuvenating to my well being. So with these experiences it seemed that picking up a camera was the best way to capture these moments and be able to share them with those who may not be able to get out to see them. I want to recreate the sense of wonder I felt while making my imagery transporting the viewer to the time and place I was and realizing that the world is truly a beautiful place.

I currently reside in the Yukon but travel extensively throughout the world. Lately Africa seems to be my destination of choice but Iceland also is high on my list.  It is my hope that you enjoy my photography and it inspires you to get out and explore our natural world.